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Business Valuations

Business valuations are required for many reasons, some of which include:

• Acquisitions, sales and other corporate transactions
• Relationship breakdowns
• Business interruption claims
• Corporate re-structuring
• Management buy-in and other shareholder disputes

Our valuation expert, Tim Lunn, is a qualified CAANZ Business Valuation Specialist and has extensive practical experience regarding valuations. Tim develops a thorough understanding of the business to fully understand the primary drivers of value at both a macro and micro level to provide a realistic value of a business with reference to current market conditions.

Tim uses widely accepted valuation methods such as capitalised multiples of earnings and discounted cash-flow model and determines which model is best suited to a particular valuation.

Whether you a selling or buying a business, a valuation is an essential part of the due diligence process given it will provide a business owner with a fair and realistic sale or purchase price.