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Meet Our Team

Established in 2003, Stanton Mienert is an independent Chartered Accounting firm specialising in the needs of businesses and their owners. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, we boast a team of highly-trained professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the best advice and pro-active service. 

Our key personnel are profiled below.

Michael Stanton

Founding Director

Russell Mienert

Founding Director

Alex Nairne


Tim Lunn

Principal Consultant

Adam Smits


Benefits of Working with Stanton Mienert

Our mission is to build unique trusted relationships, create wealth through structuring and advice, provide you with financial insight into your business and to make all compliance obligations as seamless as possible.

Let’s talk business.


A key benefit to our clientele is partner accessibility. We make a conscious effort to return all client calls as soon as possible, do not pass you straight down to a graduate accountant, we personally oversee your work and speak directly with you to discuss your affairs.

Tax Effective Advice

At least annually, we will review the effectiveness of your tax structure and make recommendations if applicable. This is in addition to providing tax advice as and when required.


Being members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, we are bound by a code of ethical conduct. We take this code very seriously and are committed to acting in a professional and honest manner.

Performance Monitoring

At least annually, we analyse the performance of your business. We then sit down with you and discuss key financial indicators that have come to light and our recommendations in relation to these.

Practical Solutions

We understand the complexity of taxation law and keeping this in mind, we give our clients advice that they can understand.


All of our professional staff regularly attend both internal and external training courses to keep abreast of the latest tax developments.