A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) provides you with a tax advantaged vehicle to build your wealth through superannuation whilst retaining control in respect of asset selection and fund administration. The ability to control asset selection, together with the laws in relation to superannuation means that you have the flexibility to participate in strategies such as having your SMSF own the commercial property from which your business operates. In addition, and provided there is full compliance with the relevant regulations, your SMSF can borrow to purchase the commercial property. Even if the commercial property was previously owned by you or your business. The rules surrounding SMSF’s are technical, specific and as it is a highly regulated area it is paramount that you receive advice from competent professionals.


Self Managed Superannuation Fund
Attending to compliance obligations
Specialist structuring and taxation advice
Yearly preparation of the Financial Statements
Yearly Superannuation Fund Audit
Assistance with adminstrative and strategy decisions, such as the commencement of pensions